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Mentor Information

Mentor Responsibilities

The partnership between Mentor and Mentee is built upon trust, respect, and professionalism. As a Mentor, your role is one of Coach, Guide, Motivator, Advisor, and Role Model. You will be responsible for:

  • Sharing knowledge about specific jobs, career paths, industries, and organizational cultures.
  • Providing constructive feedback about your Mentee’s personal and professional skills.
  • Providing or facilitating opportunities your student can explore.
  • Communicating clearly your expectations and goals
  • Guiding your Mentee toward achieving a specific goal.
  • Setting realistic expectations regarding method and frequency of communication with your Mentee.
  • Being available and maintaining consistent contact.
  • Listening to your Mentee.

For more information about mentoring, view the Mentor Handbook 2016-17-Handbook for Mentors.