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Career-related Courses

  • Bio Sci 3AApplying to Health Professional Schools (actual title “Career Decisions”). This class is designed to take students through the application processes for medical, dental, pharmacy and optometry schools.  Many other health related careers will be discussed.  Application timetables, on-line applications, required exams, letters of recommendation, personal statements and interview techniques will be covered.  1 unit of Pass/No Pass workload credit only, offered in winter quarter.
  • Bio Sci 3B Non-Health Careers. This seminar class will introduce different career options in Bio-related industries.  The first two classes will include career preparation topics like resumes for science majors and other information to prepare students for job searches.  The following eight classes will be presented by guest speakers from Southern California based life sciences companies.  Each will give an overview of their company and different opportunities for recent graduates.  1 unit of Pass/No Pass workload credit only, offered every quarter.

BSSA Health Science Advisory Committee (HSAC) Letters of Recommendation Service

We are phasing out our letters of recommendation service, and will only be servicing existing accounts.  We will still provide workshops on the overall letters of recommendation process for many health professions.

Upcoming Workshops:

Please refer to the Student Events Calendar. *Workshops provide a basic overview of the letters of recommendation process for various health professions.  Students will learn about how to ask for letters, and how to submit the letters, among many other things.

Contact Information and Hours:

LOR Advisor: Diana Tien-Chan
LOR direct line: 949-824-5319
LOR direct email:
Location: Bio Sci III, 1st Floor, check in at BSSA front desk
Hours: Subject to change, please call the direct line.