EASE Initiative

Enhanced Academic Success Experience Initiative

Though incoming freshmen are top of their high school classes, the rigors of pursing a Biological Sciences degree can be very challenging and difficult to navigate.  The Enhanced Academic Success Experience (EASE) initiative intends to promote academic success for the 1st year students in the School of Biological Sciences. EASE is comprised of cohorts of no more than 30 first year students who take their Biology and Chemistry courses together throughout their 1st year at UCI.  Each cohort will have a dedicated EASE Peer Coach and Academic Counselor to provide added support and guidance.  In addition, cohorts will receive further assistance through a weekly EASE seminar.  EASE guarantees its participants priority enrollment into Biology and Chemistry courses throughout their 1st year.


Past EASE participants enjoyed:

  • A smaller classroom feel because you are taking courses with the same 30 students

“I liked how I always knew someone in my class before I had it and how everyone was friendly with each other.  UCI is a big school and it’s nice to feel like you know a couple of familiar faces” – Student from 2014-2015 Cohort

  • Guaranteed course enrollment before the normal enrollment windows open

“You don’t have to worry about signing up for your core bio classes.  The times are usually really good and structured well in the week.” – Student from 2014-2015 Cohort

  • An opportunity to make friends, create study groups, and have a closer connection to the Biological Sciences School of Bio Sci

“I have made amazing friends in my cohort. EASE has helped me find my ‘people’ at UCI that I can have fun with as well as study and learn from. EASE gave me a ton of resources” -Student from 2015-2016 Cohort


Who qualifies for EASE?

Biological Science majors in their 1st year at UCI who are eligible for Chem 1P.*

EASE’s cohorts are arranged by chemistry placement, therefore, once placed into a cohort, students cannot change their courses. The ALEKS “Preparation for Chemistry” learning module will be required as a placement method into Chem 1A in the School of Biological Sciences.  This initiative aims to provide an enhanced educational experience that will offer additional support to students, fostering a closer connection with the students, faculty, and staff of the Biological Sciences School of Bio Sci.

*Due to scheduling limitations,  Athletes and Honors students will be exempt from this initiative.

What is the EASE Seminar?

The EASE Seminar is a one, 50 minute session a week.  It is led by an EASE Peer Coach, which is an upperclassman Bio Sci student.  These students will help provide support in Biology and General Chemistry courses.  They have a background in tutoring and have excelled in the courses themselves.  In addition, the EASE Peer Coaches serve as guides to all campus resources and opportunities.



What courses will the EASE Initiative include?

Bio Sci 2ABio Sci 94Chem 1C
Bio Sci 93Chem 1BChem 1LC
Chem 1ABio Sci 2D EASE SeminarBio Sci 2D EASE Seminar
Bio Sci 2D EASE Seminar


How will I know if I am a part of the EASE Initiative?

If you qualify, you will be notified at SPOP (Student Parent Orientation Program.)

Next Step:

You will receive your EASE course schedule during your SPOP session. At SPOP, you will enroll in 1 additional course for Fall quarter.


For Winter and Spring Quarter:

You will receive more information in Bio Sci 2A regarding Winter quarter enrollment. The Biological Sciences Student Affairs office will remain in close communication and will guide you along the registration process.


Contact the Directors:

Kristin Fung & Alejandra Gutierrez




EASE Student Spotlight!

TBA soon!