Departmental Doctoral Programs

Departmental graduate programs offer admission directly to a departmental graduate program. Students initiate research with a faculty thesis advisor while they take required coursework and complete other degree requirements. Departmental programs offer an excellent opportunity for students that have decided to work in a specific area or with an individual faculty supervisor.

The PhD in the Biological Sciences is offered by the departments listed below:

  • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Neurobiology & Behavior

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Interdepartmental Doctoral Gateway Programs

Gateway programs offer admission to the doctoral programs affiliated with the Schools of Biological Sciences, Medicine, Physical Sciences, Engineering and Information & Computer Science. Students enroll for the first academic year while they do lab rotations and take required coursework. Then, students select a thesis advisor and transfer to a department and complete remaining degree requirements. Gateway programs offer students excellent opportunities to perform laboratory rotations with any of a large number of faculty participants in that program, and in many areas of biological sciences.

Cellular Molecular BioSciences

The PhD program in Cellular & Molecular Biosciences at UC Irvine provides ideal training to launch the careers of talented researchers in diverse fields of biomedicine. We offer a rigorous but flexible curriculum, along with an extensive choice of laboratories, allowing students to tailor their training to individual interests and goals.

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Neuroscience Program

From its inception, University of California at Irvine (UCI) has had a rich and deep history in the neurosciences. This commitment has continued and has resulted in a community of neuroscientists that is truly remarkable. UCI neuroscience covers fields as diverse as biology, chemistry, molecular biology, physiology, pharmacology, anatomy, psychology, embryology, electrical engineering, computer science, and physics. Moreover, this is a tightly linked community that regularly interacts and collaborates, making UCI an exciting place for researchers seeking to explore the myriad of nervous system functions.

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Mathematical, Computational, and System Biology

The goal of UCI’s program in Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology (MCSB) is to provide students from a variety of educational backgrounds with Ph.D. training suitable for research careers in the nascent field of Systems Biology. The program emphasizes in-depth classroom study, interdisciplinary research rotations, and individualized advising.

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