The Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences is a premier center of biological education and research. Multidisciplinary research and academic opportunities are offered in the areas of ecology; cancer biology; cell biology; developmental biology and genetics; mechanisms of gene expression; neurobiology; epigenetics; structural biology; virology; and stem cells. With 3,255 undergraduate and 256 graduate students, the Ayala School is one of the largest schools at UC Irvine. The school has 122 faculty members in four departments: developmental and cell biology; ecology and evolutionary biology; molecular biology and biochemistry; and neurobiology and behavior.

In 2014, the Ayala School of Biological Sciences enrolled 3,142 undergraduate student students and 277 graduate students. Our combined student population constitutes 20 percent of the total students on campus. In 2014, Biological Sciences awarded the second highest total number of degrees of any school at UCI: 822 Bachelor of Science degrees, 21 master of science degrees and 35 Ph.Ds. The rigorous undergraduate educational programs of the UC Irvine School of Biological Sciences emphasize broad subject competence and performance, allowing a high number of our graduates to attend health-related professional schools.

The Ayala School is comprised of four departments focused on integrated areas of research and education: Developmental & Cell Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry and Neurobiology & Behavior. Under the leadership of the Hana and Francisco J. Ayala Dean, Frank M. LaFerla, the school currently has 122 faculty members and 186 staff employees.

Faculty members of the Ayala School of Biological Sciences participate in cutting-edge research on a wide variety of subjects. These range from health-related issues such as learning and neurodegeneration, stem cell therapies, and infectious diseases to environmental study and remediation and science teacher education.

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